Food labelling is changing
You know your business
We know the laws


Our Solution

Follow these 4 simple steps and comply to UK Food Law

QReat-Solution-Step 3

Step # 3

Add a landing page

Let our team create an engaging landing page to grow your customer base and increase sales by up to 30%! 

Step # 4

Choose a delivery date

Choose the date & location you would like your labels to arrive to, we will handle all the rest!

QReat-Solution-Step 4
QReat-Solution-Step 2

Step # 1


Our onboarding team will collect your ingredient information and make you compliant to UK law within 24 hours 


QReat-Solution-Step 1

Step # 2

Choose your design

Create customised label designs that promote brand identity and attract customers

... and that is it. It is that simple!

Natasha's Law

Since launching in September 2020, we currently work with over 85 clients, having already saved 6 food businesses from lawsuits by making them fully compliant. QReat identified key hidden allergens and created labels with accurate and precise ingredient lists. 

Why QReat

What makes us unique


Reason 3 Why QReat is your best solution

As we are entirely focused on helping independent companies with labelling, we have no wasted resources and can offer prices 30% cheaper than competitors


Reason 1 Why QReat is your best solution

As a business owner, your time is invaluable. Let us take care of your labelling whilst you focus on what you enjoy doing the most! 



Reason 1 Why QReat is your best solution

Our legal team will find any hidden allergens to make sure you never have to worry about lawsuits or customer safety 


Reason 4 Why QReat is your best solution

Our smart labels that use QR technology will take customers to professional landing pages that will keep your business at the forefront of their minds 




Reason 5 Why our business is your best solution

Showing detailed product information creates transparency with your customers, improving brand trust and loyalty 



Reason 6 Why QReat is your best solution

Utilise our proven marketing platform and analytics to understand your customers in greater detail than ever before to grow sales and increase profits 


About Us

We founded QReat in 2020 after being deeply impacted in our personal lives by family and friends who suffer from severe allergic reactions. After living the pain that they experience on daily basis, we decided to create an easy, accurate and affordable food labelling solution to make all consumers feel safe when eating out.


On our mission, we found that regulatory challenges combined with Covid-19 have come as a monumental challenge for independent stores with over 18,000 closing in the last year. From this point on, QReat became a company with a dual mission of not only making eating out a safer environment for consumers but offering market leading labelling solutions that enable independent stores to thrive once again. 


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