Why not use the available space in your packaging to make your product a success?
2 mins read | October 27, 2021 | QR CODE

"You won't find any better moment than when the client is in front of your product to sell him/her something. Use that moment wisely, and gain your customer over!"


QReat uses smart packaging, precisely smart labelling to allow businesses to communicate extensive amounts of information with the consumer, and guarantee an excellent customer service. By incorporating a QR Code to our labels, we allow businesses to represent their brands digitally and directly engage with their customers. The Qr Code directs customers to the businesses values, mission and story and enables  businesses to speak directly to customers emotions. Ultimately this is what creates brand awareness and leaves a lasting memory.


QReat will create your business a free, customised landing page. We concentrate in food businesses and have found  that consumers mostly value businesses that are transparent with their consumers, use organic and locally sourced ingredients. give an explanation of the ingredients and nutritional value of their products, and lastly make an active effort to represent themselves online.  Therefore, QReat will provide your business with a pre-designed landing page directing them to

- Your Facebook Page

- Your Instagram Profile

- Your Trip Advisor Account

- a pre-designed QReat Ingredient List

- a pre-designed QReat Nutritional Value

- a pre-designed sourcing page


Smart labelling using QReat’s is 95% cheaper than conventional marketing agencies whilst using our QR codes on packaging has increased our client’s sales by up to 30%. What do you have to lose? Enquire about QReat’s services now!